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Our Story

All our business operations and projects have the elements of Humanitarian and Philanthropy attached to it and is deliberate structured so to address the important aspects of job creation, training, skills transfer, education and community development.

All the partner companies, business operations and projects within Proman Ops are geared towards making a visible meaningful difference in our world. We are not motivated solely by Profits, but rather by a sincere Compassion to helping others in need.

Proman Ops follows a holistic and multi-disciplined approach to business – whereby we both assist and protect the projects from start to finish (A-Z) and without putting unrealistic demands on our clients and partners. 

what we offer


Our vision is to provide actions and solutions across a wide spectrum of critical business sectors.


We strive to conduct good, honest business and aim to generate fair profits for our investors and other stakeholders alike. Failure is simply not an option for us. The shareholders of Proman further believe that “Actions speak louder than Words”. Therefore, and to effectively address matters such as poverty alleviation, job creation and wealth distribution, we have deliberately directed our organizational business to involve multiple sectors and industries so that maximum impact can be achieved.


We operate on the principles of “Integrity”, “Honesty”, and “Fairness to all”, and are further driven by our sincere compassion towards other and not by “Greed”.


Our Expert Team

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Juan George​

Vice President

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director