Evidence compiling and profiling

Criminal Evidence

Criminal evidence is any physical or verbal evidence that is presented for the purpose of proving a crime. This evidence can take many different forms and may also be introduced to the courts to prove that the involved parties are guilty and should be convicted to the committed crimes. This is important as its used to prevent any other situations from arising and to prevent any prolonged site closure.


When handling any cases or situations the key to having a successful resolution is to understand all the parties (people) involved in the situation. While we investigate what is happening we compile all the information and build profiles to understand the motives and reasoning behind the actions. 

Our manner of Operations

When representing companies, the aim of engagement with groupings stating they represent
local communities, is to determine if there is a criminal intend toward the developer and appointed contractors.

Due to the high risk of situations we don’t disclose our methods online as it may put our specialist at risk, that is why we set up a meeting to discuss the situation and explain the process and methods to get a resolution to get the site or plant operational without further interruptions.