Safety incident investigation

Safety Incidents

With regards to health and safety, an unplanned event related to a person resulting in or potential for injury / ill health or other loss (including dangerous occurrences and system failures)

The term “accident” is also commonly used, and can be defined as an unplanned event that interrupts the completion of an activity, and that may (or may not) include injury or property damage. Some make a distinction between accident and incident. They use the term incident to refer to an unexpected event that did not cause injury or damage that time but had the potential. “Near miss” or “dangerous occurrence” are also terms for an event that could have caused harm but did not.


Reasons to investigate a workplace incident

When incidents are investigated, the emphasis should be concentrated on finding the root cause of the incident so you can prevent the event from happening again. The purpose is to find facts that can lead to corrective actions, not to find fault. Always look for deeper causes. Do not simply record the steps of the event.

The most important reason is to find out the cause of incidents and to prevent similar incidents in the future, to fulfil any legal requirements. to determine the cost of an incident and determine compliance with applicable regulations (e.g., occupational health and safety, criminal, etc.) as well process workers’ compensation claims.


When it comes to investigating situations we can assist with the entire process to help you find the cause of the situation and defuse the situation and also provide the legal framework and procedures to prevent it from happening again.