Labour Law Compliance and Representation

Labour Law Practitioners

Independent, highly qualified Labour Law professionals with over years’ experience, offering solutions to the private and public sectors.  

Labour Law advice and support, in-house restructuring and transformation, assisting with Corporate Management as well as training and motivation. Members of the AHI. Through diagnosis of any labour problem, we provide business solutions

What can we assist with?

Attendance by our Specialist Consultant to chair disciplinary or appeal hearings.

Attendance by our Specialist Consultant at Mediation and/or Arbitration.

Attendance by our Specialist Consultant under the AHI at all levels of the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and/or private arbitrations.

Attendance by our Specialist Consultant at the Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court

Labour Law Compliance

As part of our service, we draft and implement Employment contracts, Disciplinary codes, Grievance codes, All other documents within your industry pertaining to Labour compliance.

Our aim is to support the employer in creating and maintaining a productive workforce to achieve business objectives. We do this by empowering the employer to implement policies and strategies which create harmony in the workplace, efficiently focusing human resources on achieving business objectives, and asserting the legal rights of the employer where necessary.

What can we assist with?

We’ll takes care of your company registration and statutory tax registration requirements within the company law of South Africa. Our well-structured online application system enhances quality service delivery standards, ensuring you get the best quality service you deserve. We focus on you and your requirements, and our dedicated experienced staff takes care of your registration in a fast, easy and hassle free manner. We are well positioned to process your company registration no matter where you are situated in South Africa, please have a look at our services below:

Private Company registration

Non-Profitable Company registration

Shareholding Agreement

Share Certificates

B-BBEE EME affidavit

VAT registration

PAYE registration

SDL registration

Company / Close Corporation amendment

Annual return submission

NHRBC registration

CIDB registration

CSD registration

Taxation services

Accounting services

Payroll services

Registrations of UIF, Provident funds, COIDA .

Termination of Employment contracts.

Collective bargaining.

Strikes and Lockouts.

Employment Equity.

Company Registration.

Forensic audit investigations.

With our business model we have set up a team of specialists in the forensic audit investigations.
POLYGRAPH INVESTIGATION is incorporated into our additional services to our clients.